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Transportation Services

Perhaps one of the most important decisions a company makes comes with regard to transportation management is how much of this activity should be executed internally. Many companies have come to view outsourcing the transportation management function as the best alternative. Bakhashab's Transportation Management Solutions optimize the flow of domestic and international freight - whether by road, air, sea or rail - to meet your customer service goals. We use leading-edge enterprise technologies, sound business processes, world-class logistics personnel and a rapidly growing market share to maximize customer service 0061nd value while minimizing costs.

Procurement Services: Bakhashab's Procurement Services help you find the most economical and efficient way to transport shipments outside of your own private or dedicated fleet. We leverage our industry-leading volume, utilizing the latest optimization tools and techniques. We then manage carrier performance to maintain service levels dictated by the client, both domestically and internationally. Our Carrier Quality Program provides a quantitative way to ensure that selections are made based on the total cost of doing business, not just price. Because Bakhashab is not a common-carrier, nor is it associated with any, all decisions on carrier selection are based on the best interests of our customers. We use advanced information systems to make routing decisions based on your entire network and that of the carriers. Management information systems allow Bakhashab to manage supplier and carrier compliance, and to provide reports on savings for each shipment.

Bakhashab procurement services address your transportation needs by providing the following benefits:

Simplifying Transportation
Decisions - When you need to ship an item, you just look up the lanes and rates in a clear and concise shipping guide of preferred carriers.

Reducing Transportation Costs
Because we handle a large volume of freight for many customers, we are able to consolidate freight and negotiate lower rates from the carriers.

Providing Innovative Logistics Programs
An array of carrier management services, including returns management, consolidation, multi-stop shipping, zone skipping and other customized programs.

Providing Customized Reports
Bakhashab produces both standardized and customized reports that help you make informed decisions regarding carriers, routing and suppliers.